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Sociocracy 4 You

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Seize Your Moment: Make an Impact and Propel Your Career Forward with Proven Strategies and Practical Skills.

Module 1

Running Effective Meetings

Module 2

Co-Working in Self-Determined Teams

Module 3

Building Equivalent Organizations

Facilitator Certification

Advance Your Career as a Master Facilitator

Consultant Certification

Master Your Craft as a Certified Consultant

Organized by the International Network of Sociocracy Centers, bringing together sociocratic excellence from all continents.

Participating Sociocracy Centers: Australia, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, United States.

What's in it for you?

Learning sociocracy can significantly enhance an individual's leadership capabilities, cross-cultural competency, and understanding of governance models, ultimately providing them with a competitive edge in the workplace. 

This advanced skill set is highly desirable in today's global economy, enabling professionals to navigate complex organizational challenges, lead diverse teams effectively, and advance their careers.

The Instructors

Barbara Strauch


Eglė Daunienė


Gyuri Bárány


Mónika Megyesi

United States

Kathy Sipple

United States


John Buck

United States

Verena Fink


Sofia Kyprianidou